Our Goal

Helia Care, Inc. is dedicated to providing procurement solutions that build and strengthen supplier/health system connections—to pave the way for the future of healthcare.


About Helia Care, Inc.

The founders of Helia Care, Inc. are seasoned veterans of the medical implant and supply industry with extensive firsthand experience with the challenges and opportunities facing healthcare facilities and suppliers — which inspired them to bring Helia Connect™ to life. By creating efficiencies, Helia Care helps facilities and suppliers meet their financial goals in the face of constant and significant pricing pressures.

Medical implant and supply costs are among the highest that health systems encounter, and as the pressure mounts to cut those costs, suppliers struggle to streamline processes while staying relevant and marketable. Because of this, the current environment is divided: Suppliers and facilities cost saving and revenue goals are not aligned.

Helia Care, Inc., has introduced Helia Connect™ to bring all stakeholders into a collaborative environment, providing both facilities and suppliers with the platform automate and gain control of the costly, time-consuming activities associated with implant and supply procurement. It produces measurable cost-savings, efficiencies and accountability for healthcare facilities and suppliers.

Helia Connect™ provides a simple, efficient, sustainable and scalable platform to address the current unfulfilled needs in today’s medical implant and supply procurement environment.

About Helia Connect™

Helia Connect™ is an agnostic cloud-based, confidential HIPAA-compliant platform that provides healthcare facilities and suppliers with the ability to do business more efficiently and faster than ever before. The platform provides an environment where facilities and implant suppliers can adopt world-class practices and solutions more quickly and effectively, while balancing the demands of clinical care and financial performance.

Reduce costly processes

Contract compliance and implant tracking are simplified with a series of checks and balances.

Empower decisions

Negotiate, contract, and procure on a single platform for dramatic cost savings.

Shorten revenue cycles

Simplify the invoicing process to reduce time to payment from months down to days.