The Bill-Only Workflow,

A Fully Integrated Network for Healthcare Providers, Suppliers and Distributors

Bill-Only Workflow

Taking the Pain Out of the Bill-Only Process

The bill-only process is fragmented, error-prone and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Helia connects healthcare facilities and suppliers enabling efficient, error-free case-to-invoice transactions.

healthcare facilities and suppliers
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Clinical Documentation Accuracy
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Top Providers, Suppliers, and Distributors

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Average DSO Reduction for Suppliers

Accessible from Anywhere

Helia Exchange is web and app enabled, providing accurate data with AI-powered insights in real-time.


Case data is captured directly from mobile and smart devices.

Digital Transactions

Digital Transactions

Data is processed immediately. Users across departments and teams can collaborate on Delivery Orders, Purchase Orders and Invoices.


Real-time, high quality data facilitates accurate insights and better business outcomes.

Helia Exchange is a Single Solution for All Healthcare Partners

Our neutral platform connects healthcare providers, suppliers and distributors for a seamless experience across the entire bill-only procure-to-pay workflow.

Fully Integrated

Sync each transaction with all relevant healthcare partners, enabling transparent processing throughout the entire workflow.

Transact in Real-Time

Eliminate the delay from manual processes and paper documents to complete transactions in real-time.

Operationalize Contracts

Contract data match and lock reduces off-contract spend and fees.

Eliminate Errors

Digital contracting and auditing features eliminate existing errors in manual processes.

Secure and Compliant

Cloud-based SaaS platform is compliant with HIPAA and SOC2.

Actionable Analytics

Insights from accurate, real-time data helps streamline inventory management, case scheduling, and billing decisions.

"With Helia Exchange, we receive on-time, accurate orders from our team within 1 day, when it traditionally takes up to 8 weeks and are able to reconcile errors on the original order and send accurate invoices improving our relationship with facilities."

- Large Supplier Customer

"Before Helia Exchange, our AR teams struggled with getting patient bills out the door to insurance companies. Based on our payer mix as an ASC, it was taking us 55+ days. Helia has helped us bring that down to 3 days."

- Squaw Peak Surgical Facility

“With Helia Exchange, we receive on-time, accurate invoices from suppliers quicker than we have ever before. I don’t even have to contact the vendor to ask to get the invoices.”

- Accounts Payable Supervisor Large Health System

“The PO and invoice number on the delivery order tab has substantially helped my process and the updates to the app have really helped the reps”

- Surgical Services Large Health System

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