Helia Exchange for Suppliers

Our solution provides suppliers with a streamlined bill-only process, encompassing contract and process management and seamless coordination with customers, all within a single platform.
Helia Exchange for Suppliers

Here’s how we help your team win:

C-Suite & Finance

Realize immediate cost savings by accelerating your cash cycle with automated delivery order, purchase order, and invoice processing.
  • Eliminate delayed delivery order, purchase order, and invoice issues with real-time transaction visibility
  • Gain insight with data analytics, intuitive dashboards, and reporting on product usage, facilities, and sales reps
  • Automate workflows for direct and distributor reps, customer service, national accounts and contracting, finance, and facility partners
C-Suite & Finance​

Customer Service & National Accounts

Receive 100% accurate digital delivery orders in real-time with the ability to approve product exceptions requested by reps.
  • Reduce FTE cost and time by automating manual workflows in the case-to-invoice process
  • Realize 100% correct item-to-contract pricing match
  • Take immediate action on approved purchase orders from connected facilities
  • Generate 100% accurate reports for internal and external teams
Customer Service & National Accounts​


Submit digital, accurate delivery orders in real-time and access all your product information in one location.
  • Create and submit delivery orders from a branded mobile app
  • Access all current product information, product catalog(s), and facility-specific pricing through one mobile app
  • Request product exceptions in real-time by collaborating with assigned supplier and facility staff
Sales Helia Care

Inventory Management

Gain control over your inventory with real-time visibility, analytics, and insights.
  • 100% accurate inventory control
  • Real-time communication with sales and customer service
  • Barcode scanning, photos, and eSticker creation for accurate product usage
  • Easy and accurate insight into the products Sales teams have requested and surgeries they have scheduled
Inventory Management​ Helia Care

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