Helia Exchange for Providers

Our solution offers providers a simplified bill-only process with contract and process oversight, unified data, and coordination with suppliers, all within the same platform.
Helia Exchange for Providers

Here’s how we help your team win:

C-Suite & Finance

Realize immediate cost savings by accelerating your cash cycle with automated delivery order, purchase order, and invoice processing.
  • Accelerate your revenue cycle with real-time accurate patient billing.
  • Gain insight with real-time data analytics, intuitive dashboards, and reporting on contracted services, spend, and savings
  • Automate your workflows for patient financial services, suppliers, medical, and surgical departments
  • Realize 100% contract adherence on a confidential HIPAA compliant platform
C-Suite & Finance​

Supply Chain & Contracting

Take advantage of an automated digital process for pricing procurement with 100% accurate contract compliance and real-time data between healthcare facilities and suppliers.
  • Utilize real-time paperless delivery order, purchase order, and invoicing management
  • Realize 100% current item-to-contract pricing match at point of use
  • Eliminate price variations
  • Reduce FTE cost & time
Supply Chain & Contracting


Provide revenue cycle integrity of posted charges with an interactive platform. AP and suppliers experience an accelerated payment cycle.
  • Implement 100% accurate invoice pricing
  • Real-time exception communication between all assigned supplier and facility AP and AR staff
  • Real-time, paperless, automated DOs, POs, and invoices for AP and patient charge team
  • Automated contract price-to-catalog matching

PeriOp & Supply Chain

Manage real-time, accurate product cost for EMR documentation and efficient digital invoice management.
  • Automate the case-to-invoice process
  • Provide real-time updates of item master and department procedure item master
  • Generate 100% accurate paperless invoice for charge specialists, AP, and purchasing staff
PeriOp & Supply Chain

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