What is Bill Only?

Bill-only is a specialized procurement and billing approach in healthcare, designed for high-cost, patient-specific surgical supplies and implantable devices. Bill-only transactions represent 43% – 78% of net patient revenue and account for over 40% of a facility’s supply chain expenditures.

Complex Pricing Models

Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs) negotiate pricing contracts with medical device suppliers directly or with Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) for all operating room items in advance.

Post-Use Billing

Sales reps deliver items directly to surgeons in the operating room during surgeries and bill hospitals afterward. The reps bring a variety of relevant devices and items to each surgery, skipping traditional stocking methods.

Complex Documentation

This process is closely regulated. It involves documenting item delivery and usage, creating purchase orders, billing patients, invoicing, and completing reconciliation and reporting.

Want to Learn More?

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